Well Watcher


well watching & remote pumping

Oilfield tested and approved!

Pumper time & Expense

Check Wells daily from your device at anytime or anyplace!!


Gauges on the fly

Gauges on the fly are gauges in real-time for everyday access. Take advantage of
centralized data location for all your leases. Get your own Field Manager at a fraction of the cost of hiring in house! You can maintain all your leases and wells and get an accurate production reading every day/month. Eliminate paper gauges and emails!

Vandalism and Theft

It’s been shown that if you have a camera, vandals and thieves will move on so they don’t get caught. If they do stop, you’ll have the evidence to prove them guilty!

Verify Contractors time

Verify subcontractors time at the wellsite to ensure proper billing and accountability.


Hear equipment failure

Using the audio option on the Well Watcher, hear if equipment is running correctly.

Catch a problem before it becomes a bigger one!


Reduces travel, gas usage, wear and tear on vehicle, less physical visits and helps perserve lease roads.

Oilfield tested and approved!

about well watcher

It’s your eyes and ears on the wellsite when you can’t be there. The Well Watcher has image and audio capabilities that is transmitted through cellular data. The average life of the camera is 7 years & is powered by solar or can plug into a 12V outlet. Metal poles and camera housings are custom built at our own shop in Hays. They are 12-13’ tall, oilfield tough, and made to withstand Kansas weather.

well watcher & remote pumping service

Ask one of our representatives today about pricing and availability!

Customized options available. Prices may vary depending on location and cellular provider.



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